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Buy a Minifig!

15 August

Buy a Lego minifig of your favourite person!

Now, we all know that looking at such lovely minifigs has made you mad with rampant jealousy.  It’s pretty clear from the look on your face that you desire – no, need – to get one made of you now.  If you already have one (you good-looking devil, you) then you should buy ten more for your friends.  The point is, buy something from our shop please. 

Click the photos below to take you to the order forms. If you want something  fully custom that isn’t a sports person, choose the something else button. We’re trying to get set up for instant payment, but most forms will require us to invoice you later.

The minifgs cost from £6 for the birthday figure (birthday name on the back) to around £12-15 for a fully custom fig with everything just as you want it to be.

%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!

Olympic and other Heroes

%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!

Fully Custom Hero

%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!

Roller Derby Team

%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!


%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!


%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!

I Heart Derby

%Lego minifigure Buy a Minifig!

Something Else

The question is, which one don’t you own yet?  You get to pick loads of stuff, and of course the whole point is that these are custom – so you can have them wearing your name, just like every normal person does every day.  They can also have your team kit, tacky hen/stag party group logo (actually, that’s a pretty cool idea), and all sorts of other cool stuff.

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2 Responses to “Buy a Minifig!”

  1. Marcus August 16, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    How do you buy the Olympic Minifigs?

  2. Jon Cleave August 16, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    amazing. brilliant. wow.

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