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Special minifigures released for International Women’s Day

07 March
custom designed international womens day role model minifigs minifigures Emmeline Pankhurst Amelia Earhart Rosalind Franklin frida kahlo malala yousafzai

People everywhere are celebrating International Women’s Day, and the LEGO world is no exception.  We’ve created a special line of five inspirational women in tiny LEGO form to pay tribute to their huge contributions to the world we live in. The minifigures include detailed recreations of pilot extraordinaire Amelia Earhart, Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, scientist […]

Astronaut Tim Peake’s hidden LEGO cargo has a heartwarming Father’s Day twist.

17 June
tim-peake-return space LEGO ISS

Tomorrow, British Astronaut Tim Peake returns from the International Space Station. His Soyuz spacecraft will puncture the atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour, reaching temperatures of over 1600 degrees celsius. All being well, he’ll safely be back on Earth for Father’s day, much to the relief of his wife and two sons. For us […]

Thank you for making us smile!

21 March
LEGO Custom Paralympic Minifig

THANK YOU!!! We think you’re all fantastic and you’ve been wonderful in supporting our developing business, you genuinely have changed our lives. But you’ve also been helping change other people’s lives by supporting Tommy’s Charity. A few months ago, following the success of our Last Leg Charity Auction, we pledged to donate a percentage of […]

Who’s your (LEGO) role model for International Women’s Day?

06 March
LEGO International-women's-day-minifigures

We want to make your heroes in LEGO! Tell us who should be represented in plastic minifigure format! Last year for international women’s day I gave  a talk about my scientific research using zebrafish to understand human disease, this year I’ll be making your female role models into LEGO minifigs – and I couldn’t be […]

Social Media Minifigs now exist as A Thing.

04 March
Lego custom iphone smartphone

Social networks are in desperate need of personification. They need to be LEGO-ified. We’ve all had conversations about how ‘facebook has done this’ or ‘twitter has done that’. Well, now you can direct all comments (good and bad) at something less ethereal  because we’ve made tiny plastic manifestations of all the major social networks for you […]

Valentines Minifigs!

16 January

So valentines is nearly here!  YEY!  We love it.  Free license to tell someone else just how much they mean to you and that they are special. Being a big soppy ape, I wanted to help all the men and women out there find a way of saying it. Basically, you should make a tiny, […]

An amazing day at Savage’s Minfigs – AND we won more medals – yay!!!

09 August

Hello! If you’re visiting our minifig site for the first time, we hope you like it. It’s quite new, but have a look around and have a think about the minifig you might want of yourself or your favourite person in the world. A personalised minifig makes an AWESOME present! (we’ve been told several times […]

Lego isn’t the only thing that’s yellow! (aka Going for Gold)

04 August
Good Luck Jess!

UPDATE:  Click here to see Day 9’s Minifigs! As you can probably tell from all the Lego on here, I’m not the most cynical of people.  Some people like to moan about the Olympics here in Britain, but not me.  I know the BBC has stopped broadcasting everything BUT the Olympics, but I’ve been hooked. […]

InkaBilly – Rocking Minifigs

24 July

Well aren’t these two the rockingest, rollingest minifigs in town? The lovely Karl and Lee from InkaBilly are fully respresenting in minature plastic form. If you’ve not heard of InkaBilly, then you’re missing out. Go check out their website for awesome tattoo, rock and roll and roller derby inspired designs.   (Thanks to Psycho Slacker for […]

London Olympics 2012 Minifigures of Team GB

27 June

We’re very excited about the Olympics here at Savage Steel’s minifigs, though I admit I’m probably more excited about the Lego minifigs of Team GB that have just been released! You can find these for sale at most toy stores in the UK including They are certainly very cute, but they’re not actually wearing […]

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