25 x Custom LEGO Wedding Guests Minifigure Favours


Do you want some adorable favours for your wedding guests? If you add baseplates with your guests' names on them, these minifigures could double up as name places too!

The most basic package includes a choice of 4 standard heads in traditional LEGO yellow, a selection of 6 hair and hat types, and up to 10 different outfits. The torsos (bodies) can be printed onto black, blue, red, dark brown, light grey or white bodies. You can choose any torso design from our pre-designed range, or choose to have an image or text printed onto them. Legs will be provided to match.

This basic minifigure would usually be £7.99, but the more you buy, the bigger discount you get. There is a 15% discount on a bulk order of 25 minifigures. If you want more options (e.g. different coloured outfits, a wider range of hair choices or heads or the inclusion of skirts or short legs) then you can upgrade to a different package.

Email us at contact@minifigs.me to discuss these options. You can also contact us if you want a different number of guests than the options available here.