YOUR IMAGE in a Bauble Design Personalised Puzzle (Various Sizes) - Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

£4.99 £7.99

Send us a image and we will print it for you as a mini custom LEGO puzzle in a circle shape! It could be a photograph, drawing or anything you like! We will print your image across four, or nine white 2x2 tiles (depending on the size of jigsaw you pick) and will provide you with a grey or black base plate to build your jigsaw puzzle onto.

Bear in mind the tiles all have straight edges, so it's harder than you might think to put these jigsaw puzzles together! Lovely unique gift which can be used as a stocking filler, a cute little birthday present or a present for any other occasion such as weddings and anniversaries. Also great for baby announcements! Although the print quality is very good, bear in mind that we will be shrinking your image down so extremely small details and fine lines from the image may not print clearly.

Clear, bright images work best. Please bear in mind that we will need to crop the edges of your picture to make it fit neatly within the circular bauble template.