Personalised Footballer Kit (Various Teams) and Head (No Hair) - Custom Design Minifigure


Use one of the big team's strips as inspiration for your very own custom minifig using custom printed LEGO parts!

This is the price for a standard YELLOW head and the strip (shirt and shorts) with a name and number on the back of the torso and a standard head. 


You can add hair here.

If you don't want a standard yellow head, you can choose a different head here

If you have chosen to buy a light flesh, medium flesh or dark flesh head from a different part of the website, please make that clear in drop-down menu below. We can then match the colour of the neckline, legs and hands to match the head you choose!

*Please note - we are not able to recreate real world logos, so we replace sponsors and club logos with appropriate colours, shapes and fun alternatives.*

If you don't want a name or number on the back, please type NONAME and NONUMBER in the boxes below.