Turn your minifig into a keychain!

£3.99 £4.99

Want to keep your LEGO minifigure or brickfig with you at all times? Let him or her guard your keys for you.

For a small extra charge we'll turn your minifig into a keyring for you! We don't routinely glue our products, however you have a choice with this product for us to glue it all together.

If you have ordered a double sided head, it will be helpful if you let us know which side of the face you would like facing forwards. The heads don't really turn properly once keychained!

Also, if you have ordered more than one minifigure, please make it clear which minifigure parts go together so we don't end up creating the Frankenstein's monsters of minifigs!

*Please note that certain accessories cannot be glued securely to minifigure hands*