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FAQs about our Bespoke Minifigs

30 July

We’re sorry that we have to limit our fully bespoke minifigs, but we like to keep the standard high, and so we’d rather be able to put more hours into making them perfect, than doing more that aren’t quite right. Several people have asked about the following, so here’s our condensed answer. We’ll add  more FAQs as we get them.

1. What picture would be best, a full body one? Face closeup? – a full body photo of the outfit you want recreating is ideal. If the light isn’t good, please point out what colours the items of clothing are.  A picture of the face is also needed, so we choose the right head, or design a custom one if needed. Please clarify which outfit you want if sending multiple photos. Also, please say what colour hair they have, and which style you’d like, especially if there’s multiple styles in your photos.
2. Do you know what time you are restocked? We restock around 9-10am GMT
3. How long does it take, in your experience, for you to sell out your restock?  – we’re currently selling out in around 12 hours. But if one person buys a large number we can sell out very quickly.

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