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How do I care for my minifig?

16 April

Congratulations on your new arrival! Your minifig will serve you well if you follow a couple of basic rules, they’re pretty much like Mogwai/Gremlins:

%Lego minifigure How do I care for my minifig?

LEGO custom minifigures – just like Gremlins

  • Keep them out of bright light
  • Don’t get them wet  Our NEW 4th Generation Minifigs are now waterproof!!!
  • Don’t feed them after midnight

The last one, I admit, would be a challenge, they might come with some LEGO food (if you ordered some) but there’s a pretty good chance that if you leave the minifig and the food alone, they’ll both still be there in the morning. And if you do leave them in bright light it’ll take a few months/years for them to fade (but it will happen, all LEGO discolours in the sun – so please care for your bricks)

Also, please don’t give them to very small children, you don’t want to be dashing to hospital with a choking child or one with a minifig head stuck up their nose. The guidelines say 3 and over, but you know your child best, just be sensible please. I’m not responsible for what you do with your minifig when you get it home. Besides, as robust as we try and make them, we’re not sure they’ll last up to the rigors of proper play time. So please don’t take them to the beach. Or fling them around from a great height. And it might not be a good idea to mix them up with a big pile of bricks and shake them around. Your minifig will probably get a bit scratched and develop a self esteem issue.

Basically, please love and care for your minifig. Play nicely and he should last you a while. %Lego minifigure How do I care for my minifig?

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