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How do we do it?

08 February

With magic and elves….we wish! Hard work, and lots of time in our basement workshop surrounded by dismembered minifigures!

Right now we’re on our 4th generation of minifig production, and I’m sure we’ll be sticking with this for now, as it produces some great results, crisp colours and lines, and a very robust print.

Previous generations were made using waterslide decals, varnish and paint of varying brands, as well as vinyl. We’re determined to be the very best custom minifig producer around, so we kept pushing the boundaries.  Today we use top-end, highly sophisticated direct printing equipment. This creates very high quality, high resolution robust prints, DIRECTLY on the LEGO!  It means we can print all over the figure too, allowing some exceptional designs.

It uses ink (including white) which is fade proof for 10+  years. Obviously we do our best to create long lasting, robust minifigs that can be loved for many years. However, extremely rough play / explosives may damage them, so treat them gently!

Minifig Care

The order process goes as follows:

We get your order via the website, you should get an automated confirmation (please check your junk mail if you don’t have it).

If we have any questions we’ll get in touch over the next few days to check details.

It takes around a week or two for an order to go from ‘processing’ (which means we’re designing it) to ‘assembly’, (which, I’m sure will not surprise you means we’re assembling it!). It may stay at this point for a few days, don’t worry, it could mean that we’re not happy with the design or have had some technical difficulties, we want it to be perfect for you and will make it again and again till we’re happy with it.

The next stage is our dispatch queue, orders tend to only be here a couple of days, though sometimes a part is still missing from your order, so don’t worry if it’s stuck here for a few days, whilst we get everything ready.

Once it’s ready to go you’ll get a ‘completed’ email, again, this often goes to junk mail. We may, if we have doubts about a design, send a photo to check it’s ok, this again seems to have a homing instinct for your junk mail. Please add our email address (contact at minifigs dot me) to your allowed list.

We post UK orders by first class mail, so you should expect delivery in 1-2 days, please get in touch if you’ve not had anything after a week or two.

International orders go by regular airmail, there’s no tracking available with this. It generally takes around 1-2 weeks for Europe, 2-3 weeks for North America and 2-4 weeks for further afield. Delivery tends to be at the quicker end of the scale, but don’t panic if it takes longer, customs can hold things up substantially.

If you require recorded delivery (special delivery in the UK or Airsure for international) the extra cost is £10 and you’ll need to add this product so we can arrange this for you.


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