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How it started

15 April

I have a secret to share with you.

I own nearly a 100,000 LEGO bricks.

In equal measures this excites me (just think what I could build if I put them all together!) and scares me. I still struggle to explain how a 30+ year old, childless woman can become obsessed with LEGO, but its enough to know I’m not alone. In fact adult fans of Lego are everywhere, they tend to be a bit quiet about it though, which is understandable. However, as models of trains, planes and Death Stars took over my house I couldn’t keep it a secret for long.

%Lego minifigure How it started

I'm sure I could make this (If I had MORE bricks!) It's actually at LEGOland, Windsor

My roller derby team knew, and they humoured me, but clearly thought  I was nuts. Until I showed them a couple of little LEGO minifigs that my husband had made of him and me playing derby. They were adorable, and a hit with the team, many of whom wanted their own.

%Lego minifigure How it started

The original derby minifig made with paint and a hacked baseball cap

I started trying to make them, developing and refining the technique. Trying stickers and decals, 7 different varnishes and countless pens and paints, and gradually my love of Lego became a craft project. So here I am, surrounded by dismembered minifigs, tiny bits of paper and pots of varnish, water and methylated spirits, and very happy that my hobbies (crafting, roller derby and LEGO in case you weren’t keeping track) have collided so well.

%Lego minifigure How it started

A LEGO craft project

They’re were so popular (and I enjoy making them so much) that I now sell them worldwide. It started with a Facebook page, to show off the pictures, and to make sure people were happy with what I’d made. Little derby minfiigs are now skating their LEGO hearts out in Korea, America, Canada and Sweden.

%Lego minifigure How it started

How the minifigs look now. I'm especially proud of the stripy socks and pads :)

This makes me very happy!

Well that explains the Roller Derby Minfigs….but what about the rest?

So, you know I said I owned around 100,000 bits of LEGO, and that I’m not alone in my plastic brick obssession? Well I managed to find other crazy people Adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) on a fantastic site called Brickset (which is also how I know how many bricks I have, it keeps track of all the LEGO sets made, I really recommend it). So my fellow AFOLs heard about my minifigs, and wanted their own, mostly football figs. So a little Nottingham Forest minifig made it’s way to Lucy, then some Watford FC figs went to Dave and so on. And by the way, if you think I have too much LEGO these guys dwarf me. It’s nice not to be alone.

%Lego minifigure How it started

The first footballer fig - Lucy in the Nottingham Forest Kit

So here we are; my house looks like there’s been a minfigure massacre, with limbs, legs and heads scattered everywhere. But I’m enjoying spreading the LEGO love around the world.

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