It’s a pretty common problem – you get further and further through life, without even being represented as a single minifig.

It affects an alarming number of people.  Just last year, an estimate we made up indicated that nearly 99.9% of all people have no minifig legacy at all.

Here at Minifigs.me, we’re fighting this injustice every day.  Have a look at some of the lucky souls who have been turned into a custom minifig recently, then buy one of your own, before it’s too late*.

*Please note, this is not a threat.

The frequently asked questions page also tells you a bit more about me, my love of LEGO, roller derby and other stuff.

The price of your custom minifig really depends on what you want. The most basic custom minifig is our birthday one – where you can add a name and age to the back and select head and hair for it.

Most custom minifigs are £12-15 GBP, some cost more, some cost less. It depends on how much design is needed – pre designed logos or words are cheaper, and also the colour of the LEGO parts you want us to reprint, some are rarer and more expensive.

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We currently expect to dispatch new orders within 4-5 working days.