It’s a pretty common problem – you get further and further through life, without even being represented as a single minifig.

Here at, we’re fighting this injustice every day. Have a look at some of the lucky souls who have been turned into a custom minifig recently, then buy one of your own, before it’s too late*.

*Please note, this is not a threat.

The price of your custom minifig really depends on what you want. The most basic custom minifig is our birthday one – where you can add a name and age to the back and select head and hair for it.

Most custom minifigs are £12-15 GBP, some cost more, some cost less. It depends on how much design is needed – pre designed images or words are cheaper, and also the colour of the LEGO parts you want us to reprint, some are rarer and more expensive.

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  1. Choose the parts
  2. Add images and text
  3. Add accessories and a display
  4. Our professional team will create and despatch it