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 Custom Minifigs


 we're not on youtube (yet!), but please mention our website address 



If you get thousands of views, we would love to send you some freebies as a thank you.

If you get hundreds of thousands of views, we can usually offer payment. If you get MILLIONS of views, we can DEFINITELY offer payment. 



If you currently have a viral video out that features our stuff, please email us at about this. Address your email to Keeley and Joe W and send us a link to the video.



If you're big on social media and you're interested in working with us longer term, we do have an affiliate programme too. We can offer you freebies (and sometimes payment) for doing this.

As a rule of thumb, these are the minimum requirements for receving freebies as part of our affiliate programme

  • Tiktok: multiple recent videos with at least 3k views
  • Instagram: 5k followers and recent good-quality posts with at least 100 likes
  • Youtube: multiple recent videos with at least 2k views



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