25 x Doodlefigs (Draw Your Own!) - Custom Printed LEGO Minifigures


Are you looking for an interesting idea or favours for a wedding, birthday party, art lesson or other occasion? Why not take advantage of our bulk order discount and get a whole bunch of doodlefigs!  The doodlefig is usually £7.99 per figure. With this product, there is a 15% discount.

Download the template by clicking here and let your guests / pupils / large family doodle their own minifigure! We print their drawings onto minifigs with white legs, white bodies and yellow heads.  We don't change a thing - whatever you submit gets printed exactly 'as-is' (for better or for worse!)  You can print out the template to draw on it, or can use any drawing software (Microsoft Paint, Illustrator etc).

Please note that we cannot print real world logos on to LEGO minifigures.

If you'd like to give this as a gift, simply purchase this product and let your recipient know to email us their artwork once it's done!

If you want a different number of doodlefigs (more than 10), please feel free to email us at contact@minifigs.me to discuss our other bulk order discounts.