Bespoke Full Minifigure (based on a photo or description) - Custom LEGO Minifigure


Get a whole, personalised LEGO minifig made to your specifications! If you don't want to go through our list of LEGO parts and accessories, or if you're wanting something particularly unique, you can simply provide us with some photos or a description instead. We'll pick the parts needed and design the minifigure's custom outfit based on the photos or description.

You can use this option to make someone famous (or someone obscure) or someone you just love enough to get made into LEGO - basically whatever you want and we'll do our best to create something that will make you smile.

Please provide as much information as possible here. Have a think about the facial expression you would like, the skin tone you would like (traditional LEGO yellow or a more natural skin tone?), colours, hairstyle etc. If the colour of the hair is unclear or varies in the photos provided, please clarify the colour. Also, make sure your email address is correct so we can check details with you if needed!

Please note that we are not able to use real-world logos, so we would replace these with similar looking fun shapes, colours and symbols.

DISCLAIMER: We don't make custom parts, only custom designs, so if LEGO don't make the product/colour you think you need we're going to have to find a compromise. But so far so good, LEGO is very versatile, we'll figure it out!

*Also please note - due to the complex design work required, shipping of this product may take significantly longer than our other products. We also limit how many of these we sell to make sure we maintain our high standards. Sorry if it is out of stock!*