Brickella Academy Family (Set of 7 Minifigures) - Custom Design Minifigure Set


"Everything about our family is insane. It always has been."

This custom printed minifigure set includes 7 different minifigures, each with their own unique design. All figures are designed by us and printed onto genuine LEGO parts. The minifigs are the 7 'children' from the Hargreeves family.

Luther comes complete with custom printed shoe plates, to make him that little bit taller than the other minifigs.

Diego has a LEGO knife as an accessory, and both Diego and The Kid have double-sided heads, so they can be seen with or without their Brickella Academy masks.

Vanya comes with a custom painted white violin (a spray-painted Brickforge accessory) and an additional head and hands in a light flesh skin tone. This means you can have her 'powered up' or have her with a more 'normal' facial expression. 

***Please be aware that the custom painted violin will not be as robust as our usual pieces. We recommend this particular piece is for display only. Care should be taken if placing this item in or removing this item from the minifigure's hand.***