Doodle Your Own Key Worker (Draw Your Own!) - Custom Printed LEGO Minifigure


You draw it, and we will print it! And we'll send you another copy of your minifig for free!

We are running weekly  'Doodle your own Key Worker' competitions on our facebook group, to spread a little cheer and to show our appreciation for those people putting themselves at risk to keep our essential services running. Check out our facebook page for more details.

Each week, we will be announcing winners from our competition. If you didn't win (or didn't enter!) but still want to a copy of your keyworker design, you can buy it here. We’ll even send you another copy of your minifig for free, so that you can give one away to someone deserving.

Here are the steps:

1. Download the template by clicking here.

2. Print it out and draw on it. Please be aware that light pencil crayon doesn't show up very well. Felt tip pens and bright crayons work much better! Or if you're feeling techy, you can keep the template as an electronic file and use any drawing software - Microsoft Paint, Illustrator etc.

3. Take a photo / scan of your masterpiece (or save it as an electronic file if you have used drawing software). Try to ensure the image is as flat and as bright as possible.

4. Come back here to buy the figure, and attach your image when it asks you to. If you want to add a hat or hair to your doodlefigure, you can do so here (don't forget to get a duplicate, as you'll get two copies of your minifigure!)

5. We will print your drawing onto minifigs with white legs, white bodies and yellow heads. We don't change a thing - whatever you submit gets printed exactly as is (for better or for worse!)  It's all down to you!  

6. We will print TWO copies of your minifig (for the price of one). When you receive them, you can then keep one for yourself and give the other to someone deserving.

Please note that we cannot print real world logos on to LEGO minifigures, e.g. company logos.