Crowley and Aziraphale - Custom Design Minifigure Set

£19.99 £22.99

Based on the characters from Good Omens, please welcome our mini versions of Crowley and Aziraphale. Designed by us and custom printed onto genuine LEGO parts, these two minifigs come with two accessories each.

Aziraphale comes with a pink LEGO teapot and a very nice book of prophecies (custom printed onto a white 2 x 2 LEGO tile). Crowley has a LEGO wine glass and a lovely plant built from LEGO parts. "Grow better!"

And if you want Crowley with his dark glasses off (and his demonic eyes on display), then you are in luck! He comes with a double-sided head, so you can choose which side of the head you would like facing forwards.