Maria Tallchief - Custom Design Minifigure


A famous prima ballerina, and the first Native American to ever hold that role, Maria Tallchief was a wonderful artist and an inspirational woman. 

For that reason, we have re-created her as a minifigure for International Women's Day 2020. She is available on her own, or as part of the full set.

Printed on to genuine LEGO parts, these minifigs are the most amazing quality and fit into any LEGO enthusiast's collection.

The quote on her back reads: "I don't mind being listed alphabetically, I do mind being treated alphabetically." She comes complete with a LEGO crown and a LEGO tutu.

20% of sales of this minifigure go to Kiva: Kiva is an international non-profit organisation which gives out micro-loans to women around the world to help them with their small businesses. The money is a loan and not a donation. When the loan is paid back to us, we then add the money straight back to the loan pot again, so that more and more women can benefit from these micro-loans. We do not receive interest from these loans.