Oh the Horror - Custom Design Minifigure Set


Get the full set of our third series of iconic Horror Movie LEGO minifigs in one go. Made using LEGO parts and direct printed for a lasting and robust finish these little guys will terrify and torture your minifigure population for years to come.

This full set also includes the limited edition "Blood Soaked Telekinetic" minifigure, not usually available elsewhere. Are your custom LEGO minifigures too comfortable?  Perhaps you feel they are getting bored and complacent?  Then why not introduce a little jeopardy into their mini existence?

Pick up these adorable little horror film LEGO minifigs and your house could be considerably more exciting for the little dudes!

Figures are based on characters from Carrue, Candyman, The Silence of the Lambs, The Ring and Jeepers Creepers.