Pair of Apollo Astronauts - Custom Design Minifigures

£25.99 £29.99

Following LEGO's release of the Lunar Lander, and a number of customer requests, we are now offering this custom minfigure set based on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in their Apollo 11 space suits.

The set includes two complete astronaut minifigures, with custom printed arms, 2 x custom printed backpacks and 2 x helmets with gold visors. You can choose whether you would like heads with a yellow or light flesh skin tone (although bear in mind that these are barely visible once the visor is down!)

These custom printed minifigures can be used as more detailed and realistic astronauts to accompany the Lunar Lander set.

As standard, the names ARMSTONG and ALDRIN are printed onto the minifigure torsos, but you can choose to alter these names at an additional cost. ***Please note, if you change the names, you can only have up to 3 characters on the front of each astronaut***

Re-create your own moon landing with these adorable figures!