Personalised Cyclist Based on a Photo or Description - Bespoke Minifigure


Get a whole, personalised LEGO minifig made to your specifications! Simply send us photos or give us a description to let us know how you'd like your cyclist to look.

Please note, we are unable to print real-world logos onto minifigure parts and the minifigs should not be used for promotional purposes. We will replace any logos or branding with shapes, colours and text which is aesthetically appropriate.

The price includes a LEGO head, a plain grey helmet, and a personalised minifig torso and legs. We can also include hair or a cap if you would like, but please note that only one item can attach to the minifig's head at once (i.e. they cannot have hair with a helmet on top). If you want us to include hair, please make sure to let us know the hair colour and style if it isn't clear from the picture. Lego bikes are not included with this product, but can be bought separately from us.

DISCLAIMER: We don't make custom parts, only custom designs, so if LEGO don't make the product / colour you think you need we're going to have to find a compromise. But so far so good; LEGO is very versatile, we'll figure it out!

Also please note - due to the complex design work required, shipping of this product may take significantly longer than our other products. We also limit how many of these we sell to make sure we maintain our high standards. Sorry if it is out of stock!