Phonetic Custom Printed Heads for Animation (Different Skin Tones Available)

£24.99 £34.99

Creating a professional stop motion animated film using LEGO parts is a long, rewarding process. Those that graduate out of simplistic films often struggle to capture natural speech with the faces currently available from standard LEGO minifigs.  Hours are spent in post-processing to create moving lips, necessarily compromising the authentic and genuine charm of stop motion in order to create a better film.

We worked with professional animators to create a set of 12 high grade phonic heads, each with the mouth in the correct shape for a different phonetic sound.

By swapping these heads during filming, the time taken in post-processing is dramatically reduced.  The end result is a more pure film, where it's apparent the animator went the extra mile.

Each set comes complete with 12 professionally printed, highly durable LEGO heads and three printed display LEGO bricks to keep them organised.  Each head has their corresponding sound printed discretely on the back so that you don't get them mixed up.  Time to treat yourself - get the right tools for the job.