Spooky Halloween Pack - Custom Design Tiles and LEGO Accessories


Celebrate Halloween and add something special to your LEGO build with this set of custom-printed tiles and LEGO accessories. Each set contains the following:

1. Welcome to Killer's Creek sign (2 x 4 custom printed white tile)

2. Do not open: undead inside tile (2 x 2 custom printed black tile)

3. Beware Sign (2 x 4 custom printed white tile)

4. Anti-Vamp box (2 x 2 custom printed brown tile on custom printed brick)

5. Caution Hazard sign (custom printed 2 x 2 yellow tile)

6. Bottle of holy water (custom printed LEGO bottle)

7. LEGO spider OR tarantula depending on stock availability

8. LEGO snake (colour may vary depending on stock availability)

9. LEGO bat