Vanya, Brickella Academy - Custom Design Minifigure

£12.99 £14.99

"If you're raised to believe nothing about you in special, if the benchmark is extraordinary, what do you do if you're not?"

Spoilers - she IS special, and here is a 'powered up' minifigure to prove it.

This serious-looking Vanya minifigure comes complete with a custom-painted white violin (a spray-painted Brickforge accessory).

You can also choose to add an additional head and hands in a light flesh skin tone. This means you can have her 'powered up' or have her with a more 'normal' facial expression.

***Please be aware that the custom painted violin will not be as robust as our usual pieces. We recommend this particular piece is for display only. Care should be taken if placing this item in or removing this item from the minifigure's hand.***