Your Image on a Minifigure Torso (Various Colours) - Custom Design Minifigure Torso

£4.99 £6.49

Choose your own image to be printed on the front of a LEGO torso. We have shown a circular 'image' here, but it can be any shape you like! Remember that minifigures are pretty small, so please make sure any images are clear, bright, and good quality.

We're sorry that we cannot print logos or branding onto minifigure parts. This is a rule from LEGO which is strictly enforced. This rule still applies even if you own the copyright to the logo.

Yellow hands are provided as standard, but we'll change the hand colour to match the head you've chosen (e.g. a light flesh head comes with light flesh hands).

If you'd like a BLANK torso instead, you can get one here

*Please note, we advise against choosing a yellow torso to go with a yellow head and hands. Your minifig might look nude!*

Please note, we cannot print logos or branding onto torsos