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Sharing the LEGO Love!

21 February

We get some of the best emails from our customers, they make us smile every day. And when we get a photo it’s even better. Here’s some our favourite Valentines photos from our valentines custom Lego minifigures.

David went out of his way to create a special valentines gift for his wife, you can read about it, and see more photos on his blog. We love the little Lego box he presented it in! %Lego minifigure Sharing the LEGO Love!

Alison was given her little mini-me (and awesome LED heart)  for Valentines. We’re so pleased she likes it!

%Lego minifigure Sharing the LEGO Love!

A special LEGO Valentines minifigure for Alison

Matt gave Phoebe a very life-like minifigure for Valentines! I think we captured his likeness very well 😉

%Lego minifigure Sharing the LEGO Love!

I LOVE YOU Phoebe LEGO minifigure and I LOVE YOU Phoebe Matt.

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