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Custom Design Tattoo Arms/Arm decoration


  • Tattoo-Side-1
  • Tattoo-Side-2

Want to show off your Lego minifig’s ink? Then this is the option for you!

We’ll need some clear photos of the arms or if you don’t have them we’ll use our default tattoos (which can be single tatts, half sleeves or full sleeves, let us know!) If it’s not clear, let us know which tattoo is left and right.

This is a very time consuming process (hence the price), but we’ve included a discount for a second arm.

1.  Try to take as direct and clear a shot as possible – skewed photographs are harder to translate into a design for lego!

2.  If the tattoo wraps too far around a part of the body to be seen in one shot, taking another photo of the other side will help us piece it together.
3.  Sometimes people have a tattoo replicating a certain image (a favourite album cover, for example) or a favourite phrase.  If that’s the case, it can really help to know what it is – then I can do a little research online to try and get a clearer image if needed!
Of course, we’ll work with whatever you’re able to send 🙂  The tattoos we make can look awesome, if we have the right source material to work from.  They’ll still look good if you can’t do the above, but obviously it may be more of an approximation than an accurate recreation.

We’ll put the tattoos on a sleeveless outfit (ie yellow arms) unless you tell us otherwise.

Custom project name

If you’re doing a project with separate parts, drop your project name in here to let us know they’re all related.

Second Arm

Would you like to tattoo both arms?

Upload images

Provide us some source material we can base your design on!

Any other info for us? Please let us know if you’d like a standard sleeve of our own design.