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Jason Vorhees minifig playset – Custom Minifigure


jason vorhees friday 13th lego minifig minifigure
  • jason vorhees friday 13th lego minifig minifigure
  • Horror star popular custom minifigure lego
  • Horror star sporty custom minifigure lego
  • Sporty-back
  • Horror star jock custom minifigure lego
  • Jock-Back
  • Jason-Front
  • Jason-Back
  • Horror star geek custom minifigure lego
  • Geek-Back
  • Horror star bad boy custom minifigure lego

Hey!  Why don’t we all go to a holiday camp, out of season?  Or perhaps we should break into an abandoned amusement park? It’ll be great! Nothing will go wrong!  Let’s split up and have a look around!  These little custom LEGO minifigures are here to save the day… or perhaps they will be happy to survive the night?  Each one comes with a double sided head, to show their deteriorating condition.  This set also comes with a custom printed ‘bloody’ axe.

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