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Personalised cycling minifig based on a photo or description


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If you are still looking for gift ideas you can  build a minifig from all our other items such as our wardrobe collection!


Tell us all about how you’d like your Lego cycling minifigure to look. Please upload detailed photos and a description (especially clarify what colour their hair is, wether you’d like hair or a cap etc…) A grey Lego cycling helmet is included as standard (bikes are extra!) Please note, we are unable to print real world logos onto minifigure parts and they should not be used for promotional purposes.

This listing includes Lego head, hair, legs and personalised minifig torso. If you know the specific head and hair you’d like from our range, please let us know which ones (although you don’t need to add them to your cart as the price includes them), otherwise we’ll do our best to select the right ones based on your photos for your custom minifig.

Why not add a personalised base plate too?

Lego bikes are extra and can be added here. [button link=""] Bikes[/button]

DISCLAIMER: We don’t make custom parts, only custom designs, so if LEGO don’t make the product/colour you think you need we’re going to have to find a compromise. But so far so good, LEGO is very versatile, we’ll figure it out!

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Use this area to let us know what you want on the body (i.e. what goes on the front, what's on the back, etc). The more detail you give us, the better it will be! You can also add links to online images here.

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Provide us some source material we can base your design on! Can also include logos, etc.

How do you want it displayed?

We can add a black baseplate for your minifigure to stand on, we can also add a message to it (please put your message in the box above)

Baseplate wording

If you've selected a personalised base plate, please tell us what you'd like on it.