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Personalised Armed Forces Minifigure in Uniform – Custom Printed LEGO Minifigure


Celebrate the RAF’s 100th birthday with a custom minifigure!

This was designed as a Royal Air Force minifig, but the uniform can be printed onto different colours to resemble other members of the armed forces. This minifig come with a standard male / female head and no hair. We’d rather leave it up to you to choose the best hair to personalise your minifigure! You can look here for hair options and also take a look at the hat options (officer hats work well with this minifig).

If the standard heads don’t quite look right, you can also add a different head to personalise your figure even more. You can see the different head options here.

You can also add a personalised RAF style baseplate!

Custom project name

If you’re doing a project with separate parts, drop your project name in here to let us know they’re all related.

Add a personalised ‘RAF’ baseplate? (as shown in pictures)

If you would like to personalise your minifigure even more, you can add a baseplate with a name or short message to (maximum of 15 characters). If you do NOT want a personalised baseplate, just leave this box blank.

Gender *

Please choose a gender for your minifigure (this affects which head we provide you with)

Medals *

How many medals would you like your minifigure to have?

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