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Lego Roller Derby Minifig (Personalised)


  • Basic lego roller derby player

Get your team logo on a roller derby minifigure! Customise it here and create the coolest gift EVER. Comes with standard male / female head, torso with your logo and derby details on it, legs and helmet. You can add more bits by clicking the buttons below.

There is a group of people that come together once in a while who have a common bond. If you are in trouble, they will help you. They will be there for you through good times or bad. Those people are roller derby skaters, who will also beat the heck out of each other on roller skates and who have banned the word ‘sorry’ on the track. The sport they play together is fast, incredibly skillful and pretty violent – and yet if you know a roller derby person you will understand that a tiny LEGO version of them in their kit is pretty much exactly what they want, without fail.

In fact, started out of Roller Derby! We’re skaters ourselves (for Sheffield Steel Rollergirls and The Inhuman League) and when we made little Lego minifig versions of ourselves, other people wanted them too.

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