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Turn your minifig into a necklace


This listing is if you want your minifig turning in to a necklace, it doesn’t include the minifig it’s self.

We add a loop through the head and hair and put your minifig on a silver plated chain, so you can wear you little minifigure with pride for the world to see. Please note we don’t glue any of the parts, as we prefer for you to be able to switch things around and ‘play’ with your fig. But please let us know if you’d like them glued. We do recommend hand held accessories are glued if you add them!

The head and hair will be attached to each other, so if you think you’ll want to display it with out the loop, please order extra head/hair, then you can remove the loop.

Please note that we don’t recommend wearing these in the shower or bath, but they will withstand every day wear/perspiration just fine.

Custom project name

If you’re doing a project with separate parts, drop your project name in here to let us know they’re all related.

Would you like your minifig glued together?

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