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Social Media Minifigs now exist as A Thing.

04 March
%Lego minifigure Social Media Minifigs now exist as A Thing.

Some of the gang, forced to hang out despite the fact they are mostly bitter rivals

Social networks are in desperate need of personification. They need to be LEGO-ified. We’ve all had conversations about how ‘facebook has done this’ or ‘twitter has done that’. Well, now you can direct all comments (good and bad) at something less ethereal  because we’ve made tiny plastic manifestations of all the major social networks for you to carry around with you. You know, just in case you feel the need to kiss it and say thank you for letting you socialise at work. Or yell at it for bulldozing its way through your private life.

%Lego minifigure Social Media Minifigs now exist as A Thing.

Facebook lady, complete with laptop

As is often the case, this particularly good idea had nothing to do with us. This one was down to an order from the very Social Media-ry (it’s okay to make up words on the internet) Jeremy Waite, who wanted them for ‘work reasons’. Ordinarily we would assume that these reasons were hastily invented in order to justify ridiculously cute minifigs, but Jeremy really does seem to know what he’s doing so we gave him the benefit of the doubt.

%Lego minifigure Social Media Minifigs now exist as A Thing.

Twitter dude, probably messaging his new girlfriend. We have the world’s most bizarre jobs.

Despite the fact that his LEGO Twitter dude is now apparently dating another customer’s minifig, LegoDB, I think we were right. His minifigs (complete with appropriate accessories) proved immediately popular with his extremely well established twitter following, leading many of you to request that we sell them in our shop. Of course, we were eager to oblige 😉

We’re also glad to have made these. If it wasn’t for social media, we just wouldn’t exist. So it’s only fair that they were the next in line for legoificationinizing (again, internet words are allowed). Check them out here.

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  1. Love the twitter dude!!!

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