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Valentines Minifigs!

16 January

So valentines is nearly here!  YEY!  We love it.  Free license to tell someone else just how much they mean to you and that they are special. Being a big soppy ape, I wanted to help all the men and women out there find a way of saying it.

%Lego minifigure Valentines Minifigs!


Basically, you should make a tiny, cute plastic person do it for you!  OF COURSE!  That way, you can choose whether you say anything, because they do all the hard work for you!  You can find them here.

%Lego minifigure Valentines Minifigs!

Time for a treasure trail!

As for those of you thinking about proposing?  Well, good for you!  When I asked Caroline to marry me, I took her to the Tate Modern with the express intention of popping the question where we first kissed.  The problem was that when we arrived, the exhibition that was running in that very spot was all about domestic imprisonment (not kidding).  I decided it would probably be better if I proposed outside instead; and by pure coincidence there was a really good busker and the Red Arrows flew overhead.  I kind of messed it up a little though, bumbling through the words like an idiot.  What was important was the answer, but I often wonder what I should have said.

%Lego minifigure Valentines Minifigs!

You can also use your own words if you want :)

So I decided to live vicariously through YOU!  I’ve put down some words that I wish I had said instead of the general rambling that actually occurred.  You can borrow them for your big day (trust me, you’ll appreciate it) and have a super cute custom minifig pop the question for you, all framed ready for your wall.  It’ll be adorable and romantic – and your new fiance will have your proposal on their wall forever!

If you do buy any of these, we’d love to hear your story.  Let us know!


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  1. Yolanda Speroni January 31, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

    Birthday MiniFig arrived safely and very quickly! Recipient is going to love it! Thank you very much! :)

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