Good Causes - Help Musicians

Help Musicians COVID Relief Fund ( and the Sheffield Music Academy ( During the UK lockdowns, we gave donations to the Help Musicians COVID relief fund ( and the Sheffield Music Academy ( We’re of the opinion that the arts are vital to people’s mental health and wellbeing, and we were very much aware that the pandemic was having a huge impact on musicians and performers. With concerts and festivals cancelled, people’s very livelihoods were at stake. When the UK lockdowns were happening, we felt incredibly lucky to be an online business. We didn’t have to close our doors, and we only needed to make minimal changes to the way we were operating. The same couldn’t be said for those in the entertainment industry. We have close friends and family members who are musicians and performers, so this one hit us hard. We wanted to find a way to help. As events or concerts were not allowed, we wanted to give some charitable donations to help out musicians. During November 2020 and May 2021, whilst concerts and events were banned in the UK, we gave 10% of the sales of our musicians minifigs to two different organisations (5% each). The Help Musicians COVID relief fund is fairly self-explanatory - the aim was to support musicians who were in financial hardship due to the global pandemic. The second organisation (Sheffield Music Academy) is a local charity who aim to support exceptional and passionate young musicians in the local area. The total we donated to each was £ 1171.71GBP. If you’re interested in our musicians minifigs, check them on on our website here: