Contact Info

How do I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with us is by email at contact@minifigs.me.

We are based in the UK, so bear in mind that we may be on different time zones if you are contacting us from another country. Also, be aware that the workshop is not open at evenings and weekends. We will get back to you as soon as we can though!

Where can I find you on social media?

Here are links to our various different social media platforms. Come visit us!


How long before my order is dispatched?

We custom print each order once we have received it. In normal circumstances, it usually takes us 2-5 working days to process your order in our workshop BEFORE it is ready to be shipped out to you. Please bear in mind that the workshop is not open at weekends or on UK bank holidays.

For orders containing bespoke items, e.g. bespoke heads or bespoke torsos, it may take a few days longer.

You should receive an automatic email when your order has shipped. If the email hasn't come through to you, please check your junk folder. If it's not there either and you think your order should have shipped by now, feel free to email the team at contact@minifigs.me.

What are shipping costs? (for most orders)

Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the shipping option you choose.

(For UK customers, standard shipping for baubles or minifigure frames costs more at £4.99 GBP. Express shipping remains the same price.) 

Shipping destination

Standard shipping (untracked)


Express tracked shipping

Parcel Force UK 
DHL worldwide



£4.50 GBP



N/A £7.00 - £10.00 GBP £26.00 - £30.00 GBP


N/A £8.50 - £9.50 GBP £15.00 GBP


N/A £8.50 - £9.50 GBP £30.00 GBP
Australia N/A £8.50 - £9.50 GBP

£40.00 GBP

New Zealand N/A £8.50 - £9.50 GBP £40.00 GBP
All Other Destinations N/A £8.50 GBP - £10.00 GBP £30.00 GBP - £46.00 GBP

What are shipping costs? (for UK orders with baubles or frames)

If you're in the UK, we send most orders as 'large letters', but baubles and framed minifigs need to go in a box. For that reason, it's £4.99 for 1st class small parcel Royal Mail bauble or framed minifig. Express delivery is still £7.50 whether or not you have a bauble or frame in your order.

If you're outside of the UK, shipping costs remain the same.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary hugely depending on your location and the shipping option you choose at checkout.

Remember that it takes us 2-5 working days to process your order in the workshop BEFORE it is dispatched. Once your order has been processed, shipping times are typically as follows:

 Tracked / Standard   Express Shipping
United Kingdom 2 - 3 Working Days Next Working Day
Europe 1 Week 1 - 3 Days
USA 1 - 4 Weeks 1 - 3 Days
Rest of World 1 - 4 Weeks 1 Week

Are there any shipping delays at the moment?

With countries outside of the UK, we are sometimes seeing delays due to customs issues.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order by going to the 'View Order' button in your shipping confirmation email. If you're having problems finding your tracking information, please feel free to email the team at contact@minifigs.me.

How can I upgrade to expedited shipping?

If you have already placed your order and would like to upgrade your shipping, please email the team at contact@minifigs.me to arrange this. They can send you an invoice for the extra costs.

Bear in mind that we can only upgrade your shipping option if your order is still with us in the workshop. If we have already dispatched it, it is too late to change the shipping!

Which postal service / carrier do you use?

For most shipping within the UK, we use Royal Mail (the UK postal service). For express UK shipping, we use Parcel Force.
For EU orders we use Parcel Force who then pass your order over to GLS in your country who will delivery your order.
For the rest of the world we use DHL who then pass your order over to your own country's postal service for example..
  • USA - USPS
  • Canada - Canada Post
  • Australia - Australia post

The express shipping option for international orders is DHL Express (an international courier).

Will I be charged customs fees?

Customers in the UK - No, you wouldn't be charged customs fees as we are shipping from the UK.

Customers in the EU - At the point of sale, if your order is below £110 GBP and you're shipping to an EU member country, you will have paid your VAT via our website and will not pay any customs.

If you are in the EU and your order is OVER £ 110 GBP, you will not have paid VAT at the point of sale and it is very likely that you will be charged customs fees, this is something we have no control over I am afraid.

Customers outside of the EU - If you're outside the EU, orders will be subject to customs duties and a clearance / handling fee as per your country's guidance. If you're in the USA, as far as we are aware, customs fees are only applied if your order costs more than $800 USD. For other countries, we recommend checking your local guidance about importing from the UK.

I'm worried my order might have got lost in transit - what should I do?

It is rare for items to get lost in the post, but it can occasionally happen. More often that not, though, the order is simply delayed. There can sometimes be unpredictable shipping delays, especially internationally and especially if your order gets held up with customs.

If you have not received your order 10 working days after it was shipped (and it is not clear from the tracking information when it will be delivered), please email the team at contact@minifigs.me about this. They will be happy to look into this for you.

Placing An Order

How do I get my own awesome custom minifig?


The answer really depends on what you want. If you are looking for a well-known character or musician or public figure, go check out our pre-designed custom minifigs. We have a huge range of pre-made figures, so it's likely we'll already have your dream minifig designed!

You can also build your own minifigure by selecting the head, hair, torso, legs and accessories you would like. Go to our minifig builder to see the various options.

If you want something simpler, you might want to consider our simple personalised minifigs or our people and professions minifigs.

If you're feeling creative, you can doodle your own minifigure here. Please note, the doodlefig is one of our cheaper products and we print your design exactly as you've drawn it onto the front of the minifigure only. We always print these onto white bodies, white legs and yellow heads, and unfortunately, we cannot print them onto different colours as this would require a different printing process.

If you can't find what you're looking for through all of the different options listed above, please get in touch with us via email at contact@minifigs.me and we'll see if we can help!

Will my minifig's hands match the skin tone of their head?

Yes! We automatically change the minifig's hands and neckline to match the skin tone of the head you have chosen.

We don't sell hands separately, so don't worry about trying to find them on the website. The team will make sure you receive the correct hands.

Can you make me a minifig from a photograph / why can't I find bespoke options?

We offer bespoke heads , bespoke torsos and bespoke legs on our website. This is where we create a brand new head or legs or torso design from scratch based on a description, image or photograph. We also have products such as 'Edit A Head' and 'Edit A Torso' and 'Edit Legs' where we can make small changes to a product we already have designed.

We limit how many bespoke items we sell to ensure our designers are able to keep up with orders, so apologies if any of them are currently out of stock! We usually put them back in stock on Fridays, so do keep coming back to check.

When the workshop gets very busy (e.g. at Christmas), we have to (sadly!) take all bespoke items off the website in order to manage our workload. These products usually appear back on the website between January and March the following year. It's hard to give an exact date, as it depends how busy things are in the New Year and in run-up to Valentine's Day.

However, lots of people find they are still able to make the minifig they would like from the pre-designed parts we already have available on the website. Check out our minifig builder to see if this will work for you!

If an item is out of stock, how do I know when it will be back in stock?

We try to keep everything in stock as much as we possibly can but some things do run out, so check again the day after to see if we have re-stocked it! Please note some parts can be hard to come by, so sometimes we cannot get more and they will be removed from the website.

Do you make custom parts, e.g. custom animals, custom hair parts, custom instruments or custom weapons?

Unfortunately, we don't currently have the ability to make custom-shaped parts. We just re-print parts already made by LEGO. We are also unable to custom paint hair pieces on an individual basis.

We do occasionally 3D print specific items, e.g. asthma inhalers and wheelchairs, but we are stil getting to grips with our processes for this. Unfortunately, we are not yet at the stage where we can take specific requests for 3D printed pieces.

I want an image printed onto a torso or tile - what type of image file should I send you?

We accept a wide range of file types - most people send us jpegs, pngs, svgs or pdfs and they work just fine. We can also accept ai files and esp files.

There are no strict rules on the resolution we need. We are printing onto a very small surface, so it doesn't need to be a super high quality file. However, we don't want it to be such low resolution that it looks blurry or introduces strange artefacts.

As a rule of thumb, if the image looks good to your eye on a computer screen, it should look good to the eye on a LEGO part!

Why can't I have a logo printed on a torso?

We're sorry that we cannot print logos or branding onto Minifigure parts - this is a rule from LEGO which is strictly enforced. This remains the case, even if you own the copyright to the logo. So sorry!

How do I cancel or change my order?

If you'd like to cancel or change your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by emailling contact@minifigs.me.

In general, we can only make changes or cancel the order if the order hasn't been printed yet. If it has already been dispatched, it is definitely too late!

Can I buy a gift voucher?

You can indeed buy a gift voucher! They are available here. They are sent automatically by email, so they are not affected by normal processing times and shipping times.

Bulk Orders & Special Projects

How do I place a large order, e.g. for a wedding or for a company event?

If you'd like to place a large order for a company or for a private event, you can do so on the website. But please be aware of the points listed below.

You are welcome to contact the team at contact@minifigs.me to discuss your order before you place it. Here are some important things to bear in mind:

  • We cannot print logos or branding onto minifigure parts - this is a rule from LEGO which is strictly enforced and we have to comply with this.
  • LEGO do not condone the use of customised minifigures for marketing purposes.
  • Large orders sent internationally may incur customs charges and we have no control over these charges (we are sending from the UK).
    • In general, we can only accept orders placed via the website. You are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your order and we may be able to offer you a bulk order discount (depending on how busy we are and what you are wanting to buy), but please be aware we will most likely be pointing you back to the website to actually place your order.
    • If you would like a prototype minifig creating, you would need to place an order for this. We are a small company and we're sorry that we do not offer free samples.

    • If you need your minifigs by a certain date, it's a good idea to let us know your timescales by email so that we can let you know whether or not it will be possible for us to meet your deadline.
    • Prices vary depending on the parts and colours picked, so it can be difficult for the team to give you an idea of prices on a bulk order. If you're wanting to keep things as cheap as possible, we can recommend certain choices that will help to keep costs down, e.g. choosing yellow skin tone heads and hands (these are cheaper than the natural skin tones).

    Can I get a bulk order discount?

    It really depends what items you are buying and how busy we are in the workshop! Feel free to get in touch with us by email at contact@minifigs.me if you'd like to discuss bulk order discounts, and we can see what is possible.

    Can you make me a whole build out of LEGO?

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to make full builds out of LEGO. We specialise in minifigs, and that's the area we're super confident in.

    Although we do sell a few mini-builds on our website, building new creations isn't our area of expertise. We leave that to the Master Builders!

    Can you design me a brand new minifig from a photo or description?

    We normally offer bespoke heads and bespoke torsos on our website. This is where we create a brand new head or torso design from scratch based on a description, image or photograph. Very occasionally, we can create a whole minifigure design from scratch, but we are very limited in how many of these we can do. At the moment, we're very sorry that we don't have the capacity to do this.

    During the run-up to Christmas (from October onwards), it gets very busy in the workshop with lots and lots of orders. To manage our workload, we have to (sadly!) take all bespoke items off the website. These products usually appear back on the website around March the following year. It's hard to give an exact date, as it depends how busy things are when we return from our Christmas break.

    However, lots of people find they are still able to make the minifig they would like from the pre-designed parts we already have available on the website. Check out our minifig builder to see if this will work for you!

    I've already made a minifig design - can you print it?

    Sometimes customers send through their own designs, thinking that we can replicate it and put it straight onto a minifigure. However, this isn't usually the case.

    Our templates and design processes are very specially set up to fit the correct amount of details our printer can pick up, and our designers are very experienced in knowing how thick lines need to be, how much space is required between lines and shapes etc. Unless we are printing onto white LEGO parts, they also need to add white underlay to certain lines and shapes to make sure the design prints properly.

    When someone sends us in their own designs, we have to make lots of adaptations - so much so that it is often easier for our designers to create their own minifigure design from scratch than it is for them to adapt someone else's design!

    in general, other people’s designs just don’t translate well with our printer.  You are welcome to send us your design by email (to contact@minifigs.me) and we can take a look to see, but nearly always, we would need to re-do the design as a bespoke piece. At the moment, we're sorry that we don't have the capacity to take on bespoke designs.

    I want something specific that isn't on the website - can I get it?

    In general, we can only accept orders for things that we already have available on the website. However, we can occasionally accept special requests (depending on our capacity, and how difficult it is to meet that request!) Feel free to email us at contact@minifigs.me with your request, and we will see what might be possible!

    Pricing, Discounts & Loyalty Points

    How much does a custom minifig cost?

    It really depends on what you want to buy! Our most basic minifigures start at £7.99

    If you're buying from our minifig builder, we tend to find that minifigures end up costing around £15, but prices vary depending on the parts you pick.

    If you're not sure where to start and would like more info about the different options, check out the question above 'How do I get my own awesome custom minifigure?'

    What are shipping costs?

    Shipping costs vary depending on your location, the type of shipping option you have chosen and whether or not your order includes a bauble (as these are shipped in larger boxes!)

    Please see the shipping prices above in the 'SHIPPING & CUSTOMS' section.

    Do you have special offers or discounts?

    If you sign up to our mailing list here, we send out occasional discount codes via email.

    You can also sign up for our rewards scheme! This allows you to collect points so that you can get money off future orders. To sign up, head to the yellow icon with an image of a wrapped present in the bottom left.

    If you're on facebook, we also recommend checking out our Custom Minifigs Group. We have some occasional discounts on there, and also it's a really cool place to visit because you get sneak peeks at new minifigs that we haven't released yet!

    You may also want to check out our sale items.

    Do you have a rewards scheme for returning customers?

    We do indeed! To sign up, you can get started by clicking on the small yellow icon in the bottom left of the screen (it looks like a gift box). You can then collect points, which can be used to get money off in the future. You can also get a reward for referring other people to our site - you both get a £3 GBP off voucher after they have made a purchase!

    To claim back your points (or to claim your £3 off), you need to go back to the yellow icon and follow the prompts. You can then apply the discount code and it will be automatically applied at checkout.

    Please bear in mind that you can only use one gift code per order.

    Can I pay in a different currency, e.g. US dollars?

    While you're browsing the website and at the 'basket' stage, our website will calculate how much your order will cost in different currencies - if not, you can also use the drop-down menu in the top right to choose the correct flag for your local currency. Please be aware that prices may be rounded up or down by the currency converter.

    When you get to checkout, it will display the price in Great British Pounds, and this is how the payment is taken. This is done automatically, so you don't need to work anything out. Please be aware that your bank may issue a small charge for the currency conversion. Sorry that we don't have any control over this.

    I have placed an order and think I have been charged the wrong amount

    Sometimes customers get in touch with us with concerns that they have been overcharged. Most commonly, they have been charged the correct amount, but there has been some confusion about the currency conversion.

    Please be aware that we are a UK website and the total you see at checkout is in Great British Pounds. When the money leaves your account, it will have been converted into your local currency, so it may look like a different amount.

    The exchange rate does fluctuate on a daily basis, and be aware that your bank may also charge you a small fee for the currency conversion.

    If this doesn't explain the issue and you still think you have been charged the wrong amount, please feel free to get in touch with us by email at contact@minifigs.me.

    Cancellations & Returns

    How do I cancel my order?

    If you'd like to cancel or change your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by emailling contact@minifigs.me. In general, we can only make changes or cancel the order if the order hasn't been printed yet. If it has been dispatched, it is definitely too late!

    Can I return my order?

    We’re sorry, but we don’t accept returns unless an item is faulty or incorrect.

    This is because each item is custom printed to order. If there’s a mistake we’ll do our best to correct it quickly and offer you a replacement. If you’d rather have a refund, do let us know. Please get in touch within 2 weeks of receiving your order.

    For items that are not customised or if you've ordered pre-designed minifigs (e.g. a musician, film star etc.), we may be able to accept a return. Get in touch and talk to us about it, but some of these items are also printed to order. You can get in touch by email at contact@minifigs.me.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I care for my minifig?

    Your minifig will serve you well if you follow a couple of basic rules. They’re pretty much like Mogwai/Gremlins:
    1. Keep them out of bright light
    2. Don’t get them wet Our 4th Generation Minifigs are now waterproof!!!
    3. Don’t feed them after midnight

    The last one, I admit, would be a challenge, they might come with some LEGO food (if you ordered some) but there’s a pretty good chance that if you leave the minifig and the food alone, they’ll both still be there in the morning.

    And if you do leave them in bright light it’ll take a few months/years for them to fade (but it will happen, all LEGO discolours in the sun – so please care for your bricks)

    Also, please don’t give them to very small children - you don’t want to be dashing to hospital with a choking child or one with a minifig head stuck up their nose. The guidelines say age 3 and over, but you know your child best - just be sensible please!

    We’re not responsible for what you do with your minifig when you get it home. So please don’t take them to the beach. Or fling them around from a great height. And it might not be a good idea to mix them up with a big pile of bricks and shake them around. Your minifig will probably get a bit scratched and develop a self-esteem issue. Basically, please love and care for your minifig. Play nicely and your minifig should last you a while.

    How do you make the minifigs?

    With magic and elves….we wish! Hard work, and lots of time in our workshop surrounded by dismembered minifigs!

    Right now we’re on our 4th generation of minifig production, and we're sure we’ll be sticking with this for now, as it produces some great results, crisp colours and lines, and a very robust print.

    Previous generations were made using waterslide decals, varnish and paint of varying brands, as well as vinyl. We’re determined to be the very best custom minifig maker around, so we kept pushing the boundaries. Today we use illustration software, and top-end, highly sophisticated direct printing equipment. This creates very high quality, high resolution robust prints, DIRECTLY on the LEGO! It means we can print all over the figure too, allowing some exceptional designs.

    It uses ink (including white) which is fade proof for 10+ years. Obviously we do our best to create long lasting, robust minifigs that can be loved for many years. However, extremely rough play / explosives may damage them, so treat them gently!

    How did the business get started?

    We started very small as a husband and wife team back in 2012. You can see more about our origin story here.

    How many staff do you have? Who works there?

    We're a small team based in Sheffield, UK. You can find out more about the team here.

    What good causes do you support?

    As we've grown as a company, we've been really pleased to increase the number of charities and good causes that we support. For more information about this, check out this link here.