Frequently Asked Questions

How are orders currently affected by the pandemic?

We are still open for business, but there may be processing delays. Our workshop has been closed over the last week, so please bear with us while we work through the backlog of orders.

Our designers and customer service team are working from home, and we have two workshop based colleagues printing, assembling and dispatching all of the orders. 

We're pleased to report that our staff member who previously tested positive for COVID-19 has now made a full recovery, after experiencing some very mild symptoms. Now that our two workshop-based colleagues (who live in the same household) have both tested negative for COVID-19, we're confident that it's safe for us to re-open the workshop.

We'll send emails to update you on the status of your order at different stages of the process. If you haven't received anything, please check your junk mail as the emails can sometimes end up in there.

There are significant shipping delays at the moment, due to the pandemic. From the dispatch date, UK orders are typically taking a week to reach their destination at the moment and international orders are typically taking 4-6 weeks.


How do I know if my order has shipped?

You should have had an email to let you know if your order has shipped. Please check your junk mail too, as these emails can get filtered.

Please bear in mind that shipping times are delayed, and that we do not offer tracking as standard. Tracking is only provided if you paid extra for this at checkout.


Do you ship to my country, how much is shipping and how long does it take to ship?

Of course we don’t want to keep you waiting, but sometimes these things take time!

In normal circumstances, it generally takes us 2-5 working days to process your order and create your minifigure (depending on the time of year and how busy we are). If you order a bespoke figure, it usually takes a little longer because of the design time involved.

At the moment, in light of Coronavirus concerns, most of our staff members are working from home and our workshop has only just re-opened after a temporary closure.

We are also noticing significant shipping delays at this time, due to increased pressure on the postal services.

UK shipping is £1.99 GBP

We send parcels first class, and if your order is small (under 4 minifigs) it will fit through your letter box. Generally first class postage takes 1-2 days within the UK, but - at the moment - parcels are often taking over a week to reach their UK destinations.

Tracking isn't included as standard, but you can upgrade to the UK 'signed for' service for an additional £2.00 GBP.

Shipping to Europe is £3.99 GBP and shipping to the rest of the world is £4.25 GBP.

We use Royal Mail Airmail for international shipping. Due to the pandemic and the increased pressure on postal services, we are currently noticing significant shipping delays. In normal circumstances, delivery in Europe is usually 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks for North America and 2-4 weeks for further afield. At this time, international shipping seems to be taking around 4-6 weeks to most destinations.

Tracking isn't included as standard, but you can add international tracking for an additional £10.00 GBP.

Our standard shipping rates are flat rates per order, however, orders including baubles do cost more as they are shipped in a much larger box (£3.99 GBP UK and £6.99 GBP to the rest of the world).

There is FREE UK SHIPPING on orders over £40.00 GBP, and FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on orders over £85.00 GBP.

We deliver to many countries worldwide, but unfortunately cannot deliver to Israel, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South and Central America, or any countries in Africa.


How do you make the minifigures?                                                               

With magic and elves….we wish! Hard work, and lots of time in our workshop surrounded by dismembered minifigures!

Right now we’re on our 4th generation of minifig production, and I’m sure we’ll be sticking with this for now, as it produces some great results, crisp colours and lines, and a very robust print.

Previous generations were made using waterslide decals, varnish and paint of varying brands, as well as vinyl. We’re determined to be the very best custom LEGO minifigure producer around, so we kept pushing the boundaries.  Today we use top-end, highly sophisticated direct printing equipment. This creates very high quality, high resolution robust prints, DIRECTLY on the LEGO!  It means we can print all over the figure too, allowing some exceptional designs.

It uses ink (including white) which is fade proof for 10+  years. Obviously we do our best to create long lasting, robust minifigs that can be loved for many years. However, extremely rough play / explosives may damage them, so treat them gently!

The order process usually goes as follows (please remember that, due to the pandemic, normal processing and shipping times will be affected):

We get your order via the website, and you should get an automated confirmation (please check your junk mail if you don’t have it).

If we have any questions, we’ll get in touch over the next few days to check details.

It usually takes 1-2 days for an order to go from ‘processing’ (which means we’re designing it) to ‘assembly’, (which, I’m sure will not surprise you means we’re assembling it!). It may stay at this point for a 1-3 days; don’t worry, it could mean that we’re not happy with the design or have had some technical difficulties. We want it to be perfect for you and will make it again and again till we’re happy with it.

The next stage is our dispatch queue: orders tend to only be here a couple of hours, though sometimes a part is still missing from your order, so don’t worry if it’s stuck here for a while, whilst we get everything ready.

Once it’s ready to go you’ll get a ‘completed’ email Again, this often goes to junk mail. We may, if we have doubts about a design, send a photo to check it’s ok. This again seems to have a homing instinct for your junk mail. Please add our email address (contact at minifigs dot me) to your allowed list.

We post UK orders by first class mail and international orders go by regular airmail. There’s no tracking available with the standard mail although you can add tracked shipping for most international destinations. Information on shipping times is given above.

If you require recorded delivery (special delivery in the UK or tracked and signed for international) there is an extra cost for this. Please choose the correct shipping option at checkout.


How do I get my own awesome LEGO minifigure?


The answer really depends on what you want. If you want someone famous or someone we’ve made previously, go check out our pre-designed custom minifigs.

You can also build your own minifigure by selecting the head, hair, torso, legs and accessories you would like. Go to our minifig builder to see the various options.

If you don’t want to go through the process of picking the right parts for your minifig and want to just send us a photo to work from then buy our premium bespoke minifigure. Upload some photos/links/or description and we’ll get to work (though we’ll probably need to email you to clarify details, so please keep an eye out for our email.


Common questions about our premium bespoke minifigures

We’re sorry that we have to limit our fully bespoke minifigs, but we like to keep the standard high. We’d rather be able to put more hours into making them perfect, than doing more that aren’t quite right. Several people have asked about the following, so here’s our condensed answer. We’ll add  more FAQs as we get them.

1. What picture would be best: a full body one or a face closeup? A full body photo of the outfit you want recreating is ideal. If the light isn’t good, please point out what colours the items of clothing are.  A picture of the face is also needed, so we can choose the right head, or design a custom one if needed. Please clarify which outfit you want if sending multiple photos. Also, please say what colour hair they have and which style you’d like, especially if there’s multiple styles in your photos.
2. Do you know when you will be restocked? We usually re-stock once a week. On the product page, you can sign up for email alerts which will let you know when they are back in stock. In the run up to Christmas, unfortunately, we aren't always able to offer this bespoke service as we get too busy with other orders.


How do I care for my minifig?


Congratulations on your new arrival! Your minifig will serve you well if you follow a couple of basic rules, they’re pretty much like Mogwai/Gremlins:
LEGO custom minifigures - just like Gremlins
  • 1. Keep them out of bright light
  • 2. Don’t get them wet  Our 4th Generation Minifigs are now waterproof!!!
  • 3. Don’t feed them after midnight

The last one, I admit, would be a challenge, they might come with some LEGO food (if you ordered some) but there’s a pretty good chance that if you leave the minifig and the food alone, they’ll both still be there in the morning. And if you do leave them in bright light it’ll take a few months/years for them to fade (but it will happen, all LEGO discolours in the sun – so please care for your bricks)

Also, please don’t give them to very small children, you don’t want to be dashing to hospital with a choking child or one with a minifig head stuck up their nose. The guidelines say 3 and over, but you know your child best, just be sensible please. We’re not responsible for what you do with your minifig when you get it home.  So please don’t take them to the beach. Or fling them around from a great height. And it might not be a good idea to mix them up with a big pile of bricks and shake them around. Your minifig will probably get a bit scratched and develop a self esteem issue.

Basically, please love and care for your minifig. Play nicely and he should last you a while.



We’re sorry, but we don’t accept returns unless an item is faulty or incorrect. This is because each item is custom printed to order. If there’s a mistake, we’ll do our best to correct it quickly and offer you a replacement. If you’d rather have a refund, do let us know. Please get in touch within 2 weeks of getting your order.

If you’ve ordered one of our pre-designed minifigs (e.g. a musician, film star etc…) we may be able to accept a return under the distance selling act. Get in touch and talk to us about it, but some of these items are also printed to order.


How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with us is by email. We're sorry that we can't take orders over the phone. You can email us at We check our emails regularly, but may not respond immediately to emails received over the weekend. Do feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, comments and ideas. We are always happy to help!