Meet the team

Caroline and Nick - the Founders and Directors

Caroline and Nick have always been huge LEGO fans. Back in the day, they used to make friends and family members into custom minifigs for fun (initially using decals, varnish and permanent marker). This gradually evolved from a creative hobby into a business idea back in 2012. These days, now we have a bigger team, they tend to focus less on the actual minifig making and more on boring administrative tasks (much to their dismay)! They live in Sheffield with their three daughters, two cats and huge amounts of LEGO and boardgames.

Joe the Office Manager

Joe makes sure everything runs smoothly. He keeps a close eye on orders, and ensures staff are allocated to the right jobs at the right time. He also keeps an eye on stock levels and keeps things well organised within the workshop. Outside of work, Joe is a keen cyclist and loves going camping.

Jordan the Plastic Personality Printer

Jordan prepares the blank parts we will need for printing. He builds the parts up into jigs, making sure the right colour parts are positioned in the right place. With Joe’s assistance, he cleans the printers regularly and makes sure they are working properly. Jordan has a Sheffield United season ticket and likes trying new beers.

Melanie the Customer Service Queen

Melanie is known for being super efficient and organised. As well as dealing with the majority of our customer service enquiries, she also helps with dispatching orders, looks after stock and makes sure that the drawers of LEGO stay tidy. Outside of work, Melanie enjoys kickboxing. She's also a big animal lover!

Assembly and Dispatch Team

Jaden, Tom, Tony and Joe make up the assembly and dispatch team. They collect the printed minifigure parts together and assemble them, checking for errors and acting as the quality control team. Once each order is ready, they put the minifigs (or other parts) into envelopes and pop them in the mail bag. 

Jaden the Assembly and Dispatch Stormtrooper

Jaden is one of our newest member's of the team, and he is loving his job! He is a big fan of Star Wars, LEGO and animals, He has 3 cats at home called Mango, Luna and Daisy.

Tom the Assembly and Dispatch Superhero

Tom probably has the biggest LEGO collection in the team (except for Nick and Caroline)! He’s also our resident Marvel expert, and is easily the best at prising apart LEGO which is refusing to get unstuck.

Joe the Assembly and Dispatch Artist

Joe is one of our newest team members and his thumbs are sore…but he is loving his new job. When he’s not assembling figures, Joe is an artist who folds the Peak District out of paper. He loves all things art and design and is a Photoshop nerd.

Design Team

The Design Team process orders digitally, making sure the designs are ready to be printed onto minifigure parts. They add personalisation such as putting names on the back of torsos, changing the colours of design elements, and even creating new bespoke pieces (e.g. bespoke heads and bespoke torsos). When they aren’t too busy processing orders, they also create new minifigure designs using illustration software, and create new artwork for minifigure displays and accessories.

Ben the Design Jedi

Ben’s favourite things to design are medieval fantasy characters - like wizards and knights with armour. He loves designing sci fi characters too, and enjoys making fun back panel designs. His pub back panel is a customer favourite! As well as designing, Ben also plans and schedules new product releases, alongside the marketing team.

Steph the High Priestess of Design

Apart from Nick and Caroline, Steph has been working here the longest. She’s a big fan of true crime and horror, and particularly enjoyed designing our Captain Spaulding minifig. Steph has a super cute husky called Skye, and loves going on long walks with her.

Lizzie the Café-Hopping Designer

Lizzie loves to be creative, whether she's designing, making music, baking or making abstract textile art and sketching. She also likes to spend her time walking and café-hopping in the countryside and is a sucker for a good rom-com!

Elliot the Design Magician

Elliot is a lover of video games, comic books, and spicy food. He loves to draw wacky characters and is inspired by early 20th century American cartoons. His favourite cartoon is Betty Boop! When he's not designing, he likes to experiment with new recipes and fight robot dinosaurs.

Marketing, Photography and Website Team

Keeley and the Mysterious One make up the marketing, photography and website team. They are responsible for planning new product releases, putting new products on the website and advertising them on our various social media channels. They also make sure the website stays well organised, and look out for any technical issues on the website that may need fixing. 

Keeley the Marketing Elf

Keeley loves photography, and has a lot of fun being silly with social media posts. Outside of work, she enjoys playing board games and going for countryside walks. She is a big fan of sci fi and superheroes.

??? the Marketing Mysterio

One member of the marketing team likes to remain anonymous. We’re not even sure what he looks like to be honest. He hides in the shadows.