Good Causes

We started out as a husband and wife team, making minifigures in our living room.

Things have changed a little bit since then! As we continue to grow as a company, we get really excited about using our good fortune to increase the number of charities and good causes that we can support. For more information about the good causes we've supported recently, take a look below!

  • NHS staff who were very pleased with the 3D printed visors we made for them in the early stages of the pandemic.

  • Mercy (one of the girls we sponsor from the Chrysalis School in Uganda) playing the board game Terra Mystica.


$10,900 USD currently loaned through KIVA

Kiva is an international non-profit microloan organisation which supports people in business and education. We have used a portion of the money earned from all our “International Women’s Day” (IWD) minifigs to support women through this platform. When they pay back the loans, we lend it right back out again.


£3,020 GBP donated so far (plus around £700.00 GBP worth of LEGO)

The Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network is a secondary school in Uganda with a strong focus on female empowerment. Following the success of our “International Women’s Day” (IWD) minifigs, we decided to increase the number of good causes we support with this money, so we are now donating to Chrysalis too!


£3000.36 GBP donated so far

Blueprint For All is a UK-based equality charity, formerly known as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. We support them with donations based on the sales of our Black History minifigs.


£4519.34 GBP donated so far

We have started to expand our range of LGBTQ+ minifigs and parts, and we donate a portion of the sales to AKT. This is an LGBTQ+ homelessness charity, formerly known as the Albert Kennedy Trust.


£2056.94 GBP donated so far

Nick and Caroline (the company founders and directors) are massive cat lovers, so this was a no-brainer. CAT-ching is a Sheffield based charity supporting homeless cats in the local area. We support them with donations based on sales of LEGO cats and cat-related items!


£1,171.71 GBP donated to each

During the pandemic, we used a portion of the money earnt from our musicians minifigs to support these two organisaions. The Help Musicians COVID Relief Fund Help Musicians COVID Relief Fund is exactly what it sounds like: a fund for musicians who have found themselves in financial hardship due to the pandemic. The Sheffield Music Academy is a charitable organisation (based in Sheffield, UK) which supports young people in music.


£1,600.00 GBP donated

The Sheffield Children's Hospital does critical work for young people in the region. In Christmas 2021, we donated £1000 and £600 in 2022 to them to sponsor a snowflake. This was a lovely way to support a good cause, whilst simultaensouly adding some Christmas cheer to the city,


£1,381.88 GBP donated

Following a collaboration with Blasbeball Cares, we started donating to CIER - a charity who work with Indigenous communities to build environmental capacity. Donations were based on the sales of Blaseball minifigures.


Another good deed we are particularly proud of is our production of 3D printed face shields in the early stages of the pandemic. This was always intended to be a temporary measure to support key workers while they waited for proper PPE to arrive. As part of this, we also held weekly competitions where people could submit their drawings of keyworkers as doodlefigs, and the lucky (and talented!) winners would receive two copies of their doodlefigs (one for them, and one to give to the keyworker who inspired the minifig in each case).

We have also donated over £200 to the Prince's Trust, £650 to Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers (to help get this junior roller derby team to the World Cup in France), £1000 to the S6 Food Bank, and over £1000 worth of LEGO to the Sheffield Women's Refuge.