Good Causes - Other

At the start of the pandemic, when there was a shortage of personal protective equipment, we decided to get to work using our 3D printer. We made LOADS of 3D printed face shields to act as a stop-gap for workers while they waited for the proper tried and tested PPE to arrive. 

We ended up making and distributing over 3000 face shields. We focussed on getting them to paramedics, GPs, care homes and anyone who was working closely with vulnerable people. Some of the recipients are pictured below.

At the same time, we were running weekly competitions where people could doodle their own minifigure designs of inspiring key workers. Winners got to keep one copy for themselves and give one copy to the inspirational key worker that they had based their drawing on. We hoped it would raise some smiles while everyone was in lockdown. Pictured below are some of the winners!

Winning entries and doodlefigs (theme of the week: teachers & school staff)

We're no longer running these competitions, but we do still make doodlefigs. So, if you'd like to doodle your own minifig, make sure to check out this link!