Edit a Torso (Various Colours) - Custom Design Minifigure Torso

Edit a Torso (Various Colours) - Custom Design Minifigure Torso

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Found a torso that’s nearly what you’re looking for, but not quite right? Choose this option if you would like to make minor changes to a torso we already have designed on our website.

Minor changes might include changing the colour of a tie, braces, shirt or t-shirt. 

You DO NOT need to choose this option if you simply want to change the skin tone of the neckline and hands. We will automatically change the skin tone to match the head if you buy. If you are not buying a head, you can still ask us to change the skin tone by emailing contact@minifigs.me.

If you need a more significant change, e.g. adding polka dots all over the torso, making the shirt checked instead of plain or if you're needing a brand new design, you will need to opt for our bespoke torso option instead. THIS OPTION IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE BUT WILL HOPEFULLY BE AVAILABLE AGAIN SOON. 

*Please note, we advise against choosing a yellow torso to go with a yellow head and hands. Your minifig might look nude!*

***Please note, this product is for making changes to minifigure torsos we already have available on our website. We CANNOT and WILL NOT make minor changes to minifigure torsos from other websites.***

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