Bespoke Head (Various Colours) - Custom Printed Minifigure Head


We have a large range of different heads, but sometimes you want something a little bit different; we'd love to help! For more realistic skin colours, we offer three shades: brown, light flesh and medium flesh (pale brown/caramel - we think this is a bit dark normally for a tanned Caucasian skin tone).

Please send us a photo or describe the head you'd like. If you want the same as standard head we stock, but on a different coloured head, please link to the product for us. We will do our best to provide hands of the same colour, wherever possible. We're not sure every hand / head colour is available, but we'll do our best.

If you're also ordering a torso from us, please let us know which head goes with which torso so we can get the skin colour correct for the neckline and hands.