YOUR IMAGE Personalised Back Panel- Custom Design Display Panel and Stand


Having a custom minifig is awesome, but sometimes something TERRIBLE happens.  People have been sending in reports that friends and family members have occasionally not noticed the amazing minifigs sitting on mantelpieces.  These neglected minifigs have probably been crying little plastic tears in secret as they overlook the room, day after day.  NOT ANY MORE.

These panels can be printed with anything you like and displayed with your minifigure to ensure they get the maximum attention.  You can have them on their own, or with an optional base to hold it all together.  Your minifigures will thank you.

If you are wanting to design your own display panel or just want to crop your photo to the specific dimensions of the display panel they are a 45mm square.

Please note, the base may be black, dark grey or white (depending on stock availability).