Bespoke Minifigure Torso Design (Based on a Photo or Description) - Custom Design Minifigure Minifigure Torso



Please note - due to the complex personalisation required, shipping of this product may take significantly longer than our other products. 

Get a torso with a custom design based on your images or description. Please let us know if you have a strong preference for the torso we should use, otherwise we'll choose based on the photo you send us. Please note, this is a premium product with our team creating the design for you. If you just want standard text on a torso or an image copied and pasted centrally onto a torso, you can go for a cheaper torso option.

*Please note, we are unable to print real-world logos onto minifigure parts and they should not be used for promotional purposes. Logos will be replaced with aesthetically appropriate fictional alternatives.