Jinkx Monsoon - Custom Design LEGO Minifigure
Shea Couleé - Custom Design LEGO Minifigure

Drag Queens - Custom Design Minifigures

Drag Queens - Custom Design Minifigures

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Racers, start your engines! And may the best woman, win!

In honour of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, we've created the iconic Trixie Mattel, Jinkx Monsoon and Shea Couleé. Buy them individually or as a set of three. Why not buy a mini RuPaul whilst you're at it?

Custom designed by us, printed onto genuine LEGO parts. Trixie's guitar accessory is made by BrickForge.

Shantay, these minifigs can stay!


20% of sales of this minifigure go to akt (formerly the Albert Kennedy Trust), a charity that supports LGBTQ+ people aged 16 - 25 in the UK who are struggling with homelessness or living in a hostile environment. 

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