Personalised Firefighter - Custom Design Minifigure

Personalised Firefighter - Custom Design Minifigure

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Check out this little firefighter. Brave, tough and only 4cm tall, this little minifigure really cares about fire safety. That must be why he or she is carrying a 'stop, drop and roll' fire safety manual and a trusty smoke alarm!

This figure comes complete with a fire fighter's helmet (colour may vary depending on stock availability - typically it will be silver or white) and a standard male or female head.

You can personalise your minifig further by adding a different head, (e.g. if you want a head with glasses or freckles or a beard). You can also add hair if you would like, although please note that your minifigure cannot have the hat and the hair on their head at the same time.

Personalised baseplate is an optional extra!

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