Simple Personalised Minifigure - Custom Design Minifigure

£7.49 £7.99

Want to personalise a minifigure, but feeling overwhelmed by all of the different options? Then this is the minifigure for you!

It comes with red legs, a white personalised torso and a standard head of your choice. Made from genuine LEGO pieces, with custom printing from us. 


If you would like to upgrade to a different head or hair, go to buy bits to see the different options. You can also add accessories for your minifigure here, or even a display!

If you want a different coloured torso or legs, the simple minifigure isn't right for you. Instead, you can go to the minifig builder and choose from the wide range of options there. The personalised torsos can be found here in a range of different colours.