Colour of microphone top may vary depending on stock availability

Elton John Rocketman - Custom LEGO Minifigure
Elton John, Rocketman - Custom LEGO Minifigure

Rocketman - Custom Design Minifigure

Rocketman - Custom Design Minifigure

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He's still standing  (even if his platform shoes DO look a little precarious!)

This little minifigure comes with an adorable, custom printed silver suit, red cloth epaulettes, gold 'platform shoes', and a free LEGO microphone.

Designed by us and printed onto genuine LEGO pieces, this mini Rocketman is based on Elton's classic look.

***Please note, the microphone top may be black, silver or gold depending on stock availability.***

20% of sales of this item goes to akt (formerly the Albert Kennedy Trust), a charity that supports LGBTQ+ people aged 16 - 25 in the UK who are struggling with homelessness or living in a hostile environment.
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