Cult Classic Space Comedy Custom Printed Parts Pack - Custom Design Tiles and Parts



If you haven't heard of Bob's Vintage Bricks, we seriously suggest looking him up! He has designed some incredible Red Dwarf builds, and currently has a Starbug build being considered for LEGO ideas.

Before this, he created a different Red Dwarf build, which gained over 10,000 supporters but sadly wasn't picked up and made into a set by LEGO.

But now we have GOOD NEWS! The instructions for Bob's original Red Dwarf build are now available to buy, and we are selling some custom-printed parts which will allow you to complete the build with extra flourish and style!

The pack includes the 15 parts pictured, and note that the black curved computer screen is made up of 3 different elements. All of the parts are genuine LEGO pieces which we have professionally re-printed.

You can also get a Holly Hop Drive separately here.

***Please note, the price is for the pictured custom printed tiles and parts only.***