The Treasure Hunters (Full Set) - Custom Design Minifigure Set

£42.99 £46.99

"The Goonies never say die!"

You can get these minifigures individually, but surely you want the whole set? Based on Chunk, Data, Mouth and Mikey from the Goonies, these little minifigures are simply adorable!

Each minifigure has been designed by us and custom printed onto genuine LEGO parts, and each comes with a double-sided head. Check out their expressions below!

With medium-sized legs, and printing on the front, back and sides of each minifigure, these little guys are crammed with fun details - from Mikey's skeleton key, to Data's custom printed arms, to Chunk's ice-cream tub to Mouth's 'full of pearls' alternate facial expression.

***Please note, Data's hair is custom painted. It may therefore be less robust than a typical hair piece, and we recommend it is for display only.***